Where it all starts: making the money in the first place.

Finding a rewarding career that also provides for you is quite possibly one of the most challenging tasks facing us young people. We're told that opportunity is endless, yet we're not even sure where to begin. Then we find out there's actually quite a bit in our way to get started.

In the interest of staying on topic, we don't dive too deep into choosing a career here but we do believe in a few core ideas:

Play to your strengths. Choose something you're good at and hone that skill. Study after study has shown that having deep expertise in a handful of areas is not only more emotionally rewarding, but financially too.

Be willing to compromise early in your career. Chances are, you're not going to land your dream job on the first go. That's ok, focus on finding a job that gives you flexibility, in both versatile skills and higher income.

Maximize learning. Early in your career, learning as much as possible is going to do nothing but help you land the perfect gig later. Be an assistant under an industry veteran or go into general problem-solving jobs like consulting. Attach yourself to smart experienced people you can learn from and soak up as much as you can.

Don't be miserable. No amount of money is worth being miserable. Shy away from terrible management, mindless work, and morally dubious jobs. Even if it's not your passion, you should be mentally engaged most of the work day. Happiness is always our north star. Depression and anxiety caused by either boring or high-pressure jobs are rarely worth the money.


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