Our Integrity

Many blogs and financial "gurus" on the Internet are out to make a buck. They will recommend products, services, apps, and even investment funds all for a commission. B4H is different.

We strive to be THE money owner's manual. To do that, we believe a high degree of trust is needed if you're actually to follow our advice. If we were to take outside money for this advice, how could you trust that it was good?

That said, we want our advice to be as practical and specific as possible. To meet that goal, we do recommend specific products to get started with. We believe this enables you, our readers, to take action rather than spending time hunting for the right app to use. For this reason, we make this promise to you:

Budget for Happiness has never and will never accept payments, commissions, or donations in exchange for recommending products, services, apps, or investment opportunities.

So you will see recommendations in this guide, but only when we believe they are the best objective choice for getting started. While we could be making money for these recommendations, we won't because we believe that taints our advice and tarnishes our mission: creating happiness through financial independence.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our recommendations, please click the green chat bubble in the lower right corner to talk to us.